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GameService Server 0158 Unknown Response (User Related)


This is one of the responses to GameService Client 0x002F User Information Request.



Name Type Summary
request_type u1 Matches [GameService Client 0x002F User Information Request](/packets/gameservice/client/002f.ksy).
user_id u4
payload switch(request_type)
case 0 user_response_0158_00_blank Case when request_type == 0
case 5 user_response_0158_05_full Case when request_type == 5



Name Type Summary
padding_a bytes All 0x00.
unknown_7f bytes All 0x7F.
padding_b bytes All 0x00.


Name Type Summary
unknown_a u4
unknown_b u4
unknown_c u4
unknown_d u4
unknown_e f4
unknown_f u4
unknown_g u4
unknown_h u4
unknown_i u4
unknown_j u4
unknown_k u4
unknown_l u4
unknown_m u2
unknown_n u4
unknown_o u4
unknown_p bytes All 0x00.
unknown_q u4
unknown_r f4
unknown_s f4
unknown_t u4
unknown_u u4
unknown_v bytes All 0x00.
unknown_w s4
unknown_7f bytes All 0x7F.
unknown_x bytes All 0x00.
unknown_y u4
unknown_z u4
unknown_aa u4
unknown_ab u4
unknown_ac u4
unknown_ad bytes All 0x00.
unknown_ae u4
unknown_af u4
unknown_ag u4
unknown_ah bytes All 0x00.
unknown_ai u4
unknown_aj bytes All 0x00.


  id: gameservice_server_0158_unknown_user_related_response
  title: GameService Server 0158 Unknown Response (User Related)
  encoding: ASCII
  endian: le
    - ../../common/pstring
  - id: request_type
    type: u1
  - id: user_id
    type: u4
  - id: payload
      switch-on: request_type
        0: user_response_0158_00_blank
        5: user_response_0158_05_full
      - id: padding_a
        size: 91
      - id: unknown_7f
        size: 5
      - id: padding_b
        size: 143
      - id: unknown_a
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_b
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_c
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_d
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_e
        type: f4
      - id: unknown_f
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_g
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_h
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_i
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_j
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_k
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_l
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_m
        type: u2
      - id: unknown_n
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_o
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_p
        size: 4
      - id: unknown_q
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_r
        type: f4
      - id: unknown_s
        type: f4
      - id: unknown_t
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_u
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_v
        size: 5
      - id: unknown_w
        type: s4
      - id: unknown_7f
        size: 5
      - id: unknown_x
        size: 49
      - id: unknown_y
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_z
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_aa
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_ab
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_ac
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_ad
        size: 16
      - id: unknown_ae
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_af
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_ag
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_ah
        size: 34
      - id: unknown_ai
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_aj
        size: 8


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