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LoginService Client Reconnect


This packet allows a client to reconnect to the login server using a previously issued session token. It is currently unclear how to cause a client to issue this message, but it succeeds on PangYa TH when issued directly.

When the client sends this packet, the server will either send an error code via the LoginService Server Login Packet packet, or it will follow with the normal set of packets sent after login, including a new session token and server list.

In hsreina/pangya-server, the packet ID is TCLPID.PLAYER_RECONNECT.



Name Type Summary
username pstring Username from original login.
user_id u4 User ID from the original login.
session_token pstring A session token issued in LoginService Server message 0x0010.


  id: loginservice_client_000b_reconnect
  title: LoginService Client Reconnect
  encoding: ASCII
  endian: le
    - ../../common/pstring
  - id: username
    type: pstring
  - id: user_id
    type: u4
  - id: session_token
    type: pstring


Agent: Pangbox
00000000 00000010
0b 00 07 00 70 61 6e 67 62 6f 78 d2 c4 49 00 07 00 34 30 64 32 33 32 66
....pangbox..I.. .40d232f