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GameService Server 01F7 Unknown Announce (Tourney Related)


This packet is some sort of announcement after a player has taken a shot in a tournament/simultaneous play.

It is paired with GameService Server 0x006E Unknown Announce (Tourney Related).



Name Type Summary
connection_id u4 The connection ID of the relevant user.
unknown_a_paired u1 Identical in corresponding packet of [GameService Server 0x006E Unknown Announce (Tourney Related)](/packets/gameservice/server/006e.ksy).
unknown_b f4
unknown_c f4
unknown_d f4
unknown_e f4
unknown_f u1
unknown_g f4
unknown_h f4
unknown_i f4
unknown_j f4
unknown_k u4 All examples show 0 (0x00000000).
unknown_l f4
unknown_m f4
unknown_n f4
unknown_o u4
unknown_p f4
unknown_q f4
unknown_r u2
unknown_s f4
unknown_t f4
unknown_u f4
unknown_v f4
unknown_w f4
unknown_x u4


  id: gameservice_server_01f7_unknown_tourney_related_announce
  title: GameService Server 01F7 Unknown Announce (Tourney Related)
  encoding: ASCII
  endian: le
    - ../../common/pstring
  - id: connection_id
    type: u4
  - id: unknown_a_paired
    type: u1
  - id: unknown_b
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_c
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_d
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_e
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_f
    type: u1
  - id: unknown_g
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_h
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_i
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_j
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_k
    type: u4
  - id: unknown_l
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_m
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_n
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_o
    type: u4
  - id: unknown_p
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_q
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_r
    type: u2
  - id: unknown_s
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_t
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_u
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_v
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_w
    type: f4
  - id: unknown_x
    type: u4


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