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GameService Server User Information


This packet includes a large amount of information about the local user. It's possible that, since the other response is My Room related, this packet might exist to help render the user in the My Room environment.

It is one of the responses to GameService Client 0x00B7 Open Inventory B.



Name Type Summary
connection_id u4
user_nickname strz
unknown_a bytes
user_background u4 From pangya_xx.iff/Skin.iff. Background image for portrait card.
unknown_i bytes
user_skin u4 From pangya_xx.iff/Skin.iff.
unknown_b bytes
guild_emblem_id strz
user_id u4
unknown_c bytes
unknown_id_a u4 Some sort of ID?
unknown_id_b u4 Some sort of ID?
unknown_id_c u4 Some sort of ID?
unknown_d bytes
username_atnt strz
unknown_e bytes
user_character user_character_data


  id: gameservice_server_0168_user_information
  title: GameService Server User Information
  encoding: ASCII
  endian: le
    - ../../common/pstring
    - ../../common/user_character_data
  - id: connection_id
    type: u4
  - id: user_nickname
    type: strz
    size: 43
  - id: unknown_a
    size: 13
  - id: user_background
    type: u4
  - id: unknown_i
    size: 4
  - id: user_skin
    type: u4
  - id: unknown_b
    size: 21
  - id: guild_emblem_id
    type: strz
    size: 13
  - id: user_id
    type: u4
  - id: unknown_c
    size: 10
  - id: unknown_id_a
    type: u4
  - id: unknown_id_b
    type: u4
  - id: unknown_id_c
    type: u4
  - id: unknown_d
    size: 78
  - id: username_atnt
    type: strz
    size: 128
  - id: unknown_e
    size: 8
  - id: user_character
    type: user_character_data


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