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GameService Server User Inventory


This packet lists all the user's inventory items and assigns slot IDs to each unique stack.

Important: This packet is segmented into 50-entry lists. When more than 50 entries exist, multiple of this packet will be sent consecutively. The 'pending' integer in each is the total count of entries in the current packet plus all future packets in the series.

This packet is sent during the response to GameService Client 0x0002 Hello.



Name Type Summary
unique_items_pending u2
unique_items_count u2
unique_items unique_item



Name Type Summary
inventory_slot u4 A globally-unique ID for a combination of item and user. Assigned sequentially as needed and never reallocated.
item_id u4 From pangya_xx.iff/Item.iff, /ClubSet.iff, etc.
unknown_gss0073_a u4
item_quantity u4 0 appears to be used for infinite-use items, like the basic comet.
unknown_gss0073_b bytes Padding with 0x00?
unknown_gss0073_c u1 Type of item? Seen 0 - Miscellaneous, 1 - Clubs, Comets, Amulet of Fortune, 5 - Consumables, 0x21 - Rental Club
rental_date_start u4 Unix time stamp. 0 if not a rental.
padding_gss0073_d bytes Padding with 0x00
rental_date_end u4 Unix time stamp. 0 if not a rental.
padding_gss0073_e bytes Padding with 0x00
unknown_gss0073_f u1 Always 0x02?
unknown_gss0073_g bytes Padding with 0x00?


  id: gameservice_server_0073_user_inventory
  title: GameService Server User Inventory
  encoding: ASCII
  endian: le
    - ../../common/pstring
  - id: unique_items_pending
    type: u2
  - id: unique_items_count
    type: u2
  - id: unique_items
    type: unique_item
    repeat: expr
    repeat-expr: unique_items_count
      - id: inventory_slot
        type: u4
      - id: item_id
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_gss0073_a
        type: u4
      - id: item_quantity
        type: u4
      - id: unknown_gss0073_b
        size: 7
      - id: unknown_gss0073_c
        type: u1
      - id: rental_date_start
        type: u4
      - id: padding_gss0073_d
        size: 4
      - id: rental_date_end
        type: u4
      - id: padding_gss0073_e
        size: 4
      - id: unknown_gss0073_f
        type: u1
      - id: unknown_gss0073_g
        size: 155


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